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Private individuals benefit from our tailor-made services: from independent management of assets and assumption of executive, management and administrative tasks to tax and legal advice.

private clients

Portfolio Health Check

We assist private individuals in checking and assessing whether their investment portfolio is aligned with their personal risk profile. As independent experts we provide security and confidence in financial affairs.

private clients

Asset Management

We assist wealthy individuals in planning and implementing a sustainable investment strategy. Our experienced team provides you with an accurate overview and realises your goals for securing, increasing or optimising your wealth.

We advise you on your own investment decisions or take responsibility for the discretionary asset management. From the consolidation, analysis and overall view of your assets to the investment strategy, regular reports and summaries on the development of valuations.

private clients

Legal Services

We offer well-diversified legal services to domestic and foreign individuals, small and medium-sized companies as well as Swiss companies of international corporations. Our pragmatic approach turns your individual goals and visions into practical solutions.

We advise and assist you primarily in the areas of contract law, family, matrimonial property and inheritance law, commercial and corporate law, financing, reorganisation and insolvency law, property law as well as labour and social security law.

private clients

Tax Services

We provide comprehensive tax advice to domestic and foreign individuals, their families and companies. With a strategic eye for the big picture and the diligence for details we provide advice for your next steps or accompany you throughout lifetime.

We advise private individuals and companies on all tax matters. By leveraging existing tax structures and developing new approaches we can optimise your tax burden in Switzerland as well as abroad.

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We jointly define and implement your philanthropic goals and your individual strategy. Based on our experience we support you in your charitable undertakings and help you carry them out successfully.

We accompany you in your philanthropic endeavours with comprehensive advise. We identify suitable projects and evaluate, implement and administer the appropriate legal structures for your plans with a selection of choices that is aligned with your values and interests.

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Company Formation and

We advise and support you regarding the formation and administration of your company or branch from the choice of the appropriate legal entity to its administration. So that you can focus on the essentials of your business.

We provide comprehensive services for companies operating in the field of trading and financial transactions, patent and license exploitation, investing in and holding of participations, real estate, ships or aircrafts. We provide comprehensive services for companies operating in exploitation, investing in and holding of participations, real estate, ships or aircrafts.

private clients

Estate and Succession Planning
in Switzerland

We advise and assist you from the initial analysis of the current status to estate and succession planning and the administration of your estate. So that you can rest assured that your estate is arranged and your succession secured.

We advise and assist you in planning your estate and business succession, the drafting of wills, marriage and inheritance contracts and any other documents required and also serve as executor.

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International Wealth and
Succession Planning

We advise you on your international wealth management/planning and assist you in arranging your inheritance and, if desired, your personal succession plan. So that you can focus on creating sustainable value for generations to come.

We assist you in all matters pertaining to international wealth and succession planning. From the analysis of the current situation to setting up suitable succession structures for your estate or your personal succession plans.

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Trust Services

We provide comprehensive trust services as part of our integrated estate and succession planning. So that your estate is secured sustainably and for generations to come.

We advise and accompany you with comprehensive trust services from wealth analysis to trust administration. Our services always follow an integrated approach.

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Start-Up Companies

We advise and assist the young entrepreneur, help you to establish your own company and support you with administrative tasks. So that the journey from the initial idea to the first customer is the shortest possible.

We advise and accompany you with an extensive range of services from evaluating the most tax-attractive location to drafting shareholders' agreements and keeping the accounts. Our services are tailored to your individual needs.

private clients

Family Office Services

We offer a broad range of family office services to wealthy families and private individuals. In addition we also provide a variety of services to other multi-family or single-family offices. Our aim is to protect and increase your assets at all times, allowing you to concentrate on your prime goals.

We assist with the structuring, protection and management of your worldwide wealth, the purchase or sale of assets of all kinds, philanthropic activities and the handling of administrative tasks.

private clients

Residency in Switzerland

We advise and accompany you through the process of taking up residency in Switzerland. Thanks to our long-standing experience and well-established relations with local authorities we are able to arrange for advantageous conditions. We know what's essential to make you feel comfortable in your new home town.

We advise and accompany you from evaluating residential areas, looking for real estate property and applying for all the permits to negotiating taxation in Switzerland, registering in the place of residence and completing the annual tax return.